Lopez Reynau

Digital Product Developer

I design, architect and build digital solutions for entrepreneurs and startups.

From an early age, my fascination with digital products sparked a lifelong passion that led me to create my own.

Today, I channel that expertise into empowering startups, multinationals, and small entrepreneurs by developing and optimizing their digital products.

Through close collaboration, I deliver tailored, innovative solutions that surpass expectations and pave the way for their success in the digital realm.


I specialize in providing comprehensive digital product development and CTO as a Service for startups and small entrepreneurs. With a passion for creating innovative solutions, I empower businesses to succeed in the digital realm by offering strategic technical guidance and support.

As a CTO as a Service, I collaborate closely with your team to understand your vision and goals. From there, I leverage my expertise in digital product development to drive the success of your projects. Whether you need assistance with technical architecture, project management, or team coordination, I handle the complexities so you can focus on your core business activities.

By partnering with me, you gain access to my extensive knowledge and experience in both digital product development and CTO leadership. I ensure that your digital products are built with the latest technologies and industry best practices, delivering tailored solutions that exceed expectations.



“Throughout my career in development I've encountered plenty of developers but few like Xavier. He's got the rare combination of being highly skilled, well versed, efficient in both development and communication as well as having high moral and work ethics. In our various projects he consistently delivers ahead of time, finds ingenious yet effective solutions, diligently follows best practices and conduct work with a broad sense of understanding for the end users experience as well as business goals. Everything I could ask for and more.”

Daniel Diegelmann, CEO at Togee